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What is

INR500 ?

Indian Gig Marketplace sharing offering starting form 500 /- only. A shift from a full time 9-to-5 job to an on-demand, freelancing and task-based culture. We deliver service-as-product, freelancer match, and help make deals. Transparent timing, price and deliverables, a complete end-to-end platform.

Why works with INR500?
  • Secure Income

    An inclination towards flexible work driven by freedom, technology upgradation, skill focus, additional income and human capital.

  • Growth

    Gig economy is projected to grow by a 17% CAGR and generate a gross volume of ~$455 bn by 2023

  • Top Sellers

    Helping cost-cutting and skilled workforce addressing $3.4 bn market.

How INR 500 works?
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  • Offerings

    Register on website to share your offerings or select a gig that is suitable for your needs

  • Service

    Chat with the person and make a deal. Order the gig, money does not transfer directly to the person amount gets freeze until your task is done.

  • Get your stuffs done

    When the task is done you can leave a review. This is just like buying an Amazon product, the difference is you just get a customized job